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Behold, my Venerial Disease Valentines!! While the effects of these little buggers are nothing to laugh at, I like to imagine the cells themselves aren’t all that bad ;P

Here’s all the cells and their pick-up lines (which kinda relate to their symptoms) all of which are made-up by yours truly (except the HIV one)

Syphilis: I-I’m not blushing, it’s just a rash, BAKA!
Crabs: I’ve been itching to profess my love to you.
Gonorrhea: Symptoms may include burning, involuntary discharge, and love.
Herpes: Get with me and you’ll have a mate for life!
HPV: Kiss a frog and you’ll get a prince, kiss me and you’ll just get warts.
Chlamydia: My love for you burns like a thousand crotches!
HIV: Can’t spell stud without STD, all I need is U!
Hepatitus: Let sensei teach you the ABC’s of love.
Trichomoniasis: Do you smell that? It smells like my frothy passion.


In the 21st century a dinner will be prepared like no other…

This dinner will be delicious, scrumptious, and INDESTRUCTIBLE… it can’t be seasoned with, it can’t be basted with, it will feel no pity, no remorse, no pain, no fear… it will have only one purpose, to return on November 22nd and prevent the future…

This dinner will be called… the TURKINATOR!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! ^_^

Hunson Abadeer knows evil and when he saw this mass of cute he knew right away who was TOP DOG… or penguin in this case. Gunter, the King of Evil, sits atop his throne of assorted skulls, seething with malevolence!!

My entry to the Welovefine - Adventure Time T-shirt Contest ~{^*^}~

HEY ADVENTURERS AND ADVENTURETTES!! My T-shirt design for the Adventure Time T-shirt Design Contest is up and ready to be rated/voted on XD CHECK IT OUT… and maybe click “5” while you’re at it ;P

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